Product Code: 362D28
Husqvarna 362D28 is a powerful duster. The efficient fan provides excellent discharge and coverage perfomance. Mister conversion kit available as accessory.



Comfortable harness

Comfortable padded harness.

Fuel pump

Fuel pump designed for easy starting.

Additional features  
High mixture coverage
The powerful engine and fan leads to efficient mixturecoverage.
High discharge performance
Smart Start®
The engine and starter have been designed so the machine starts quickly with minimum effort.
Resistance in the starter cord is reduced by up to 40%.


Engine specifications
Power output 2.8 kW / 3.75 hp
Cylinder displacement 62 cm³ / 3.78 cu.inch
Fuel tank volume 1.8 lit / 60.87 fl oz
Article data
Mixture tank volume 28 lit / 946.79 fl oz
Discharge: granule 14 kg/min
Discharge: powder 7 kg/min
Coverage horizontally with mist kit 12 m / 39.4 feet
Coverage vertically with mist kit 12 m / 39.4 feet Overall dimensions
Weight 12 kg / 26.46 lbs

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